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Miss African-American United (TM)
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History, Program, & Vision



Mrs: Jahna Houston-CA

Miss: Not represented

Ms: Not represented


Mrs: Not represented

Miss: LaJuana Acklin

Ms: Jennifer Anne Barbour


Mrs: N/A

Miss: Shawn Cunningham (New England)

Ms. Vanessa King (OH)


This is a mail-in/online program. Which means no travel for you!  No time off from work or school.  All entries will be mailed to the National Office for Judging.


The mission of this program is to showcase the many talents of African-American Women.  In doing so my greatest hope is that we learn to love and respect ourselves.  To breakdown the walls that have held us at bay.  Forces both outside and inside.

I was blessed to grown up in a family that embraced all shape, sizes, skintones, and hair lengths.  My GREATEST wish is that we will be African-American Women UNITED