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Miss African-American United (TM)
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Resume Sample & Regional Titles

Below is and EXAMPLE of an resume for the achievment area your entry.  The Achievement area is lifetime.  This is the honor system.  We reserve the right to ask for documention at any time to check the information. The Miss/Ms/Mrs African-American Staff cannot help delegates with their resume(or any portion of their entry.) Delegates may seek the help of a pageant coach if needed.
We are looking for an overall queen.
The sample below is showing only 4 areas all delegates are required to pick 5 areas. Point will be loss if the directions are not followed.

This is just an example.
Toya Jones
Ms. Virginia
Platform: Postive Body Image.
Area 1-The Arts
2004-Wrote and Directed Play Beautiful Woman-Richmond, VA
2003-Lead Actor in Play Just Me -Richmond, VA
2002-Dance Troop Leader Dazzle Dancers Richmond, VA
2002- Won lead role in The Wiz-Richmond, VA
2001-3rd Place National Dance off America, Las Vegas, NV
2000-Lead Singer- Commonwealth Choir -Petersburg VA
1999-Intern MTV- Graphic Arts Deparment New York, NY
1998-Visiting Intern Mill Mountain Drama Group- Roanoke, VA
1997-International Study Tour Scholarship winner "The Arts In Europe" Rome, Italy
Area 2- Community Service
2003- Breast Cancer Walk Richmond, Hampton VA
2003-March of Dimes Walk Richmond, Fairfax, Bristol, VA
2002-Coats for Kids Roanoke, VA
2002-Dress for Success Richmond, VA
2001- School Drive Projest Pencil box Chesterfield, VA
2001-Red Cross- Shelter Helper State wide-Virginia
1999-Current Diabetes Volunteer Richmond, VA
Area 3 Leadership
2002-Current Business Owner Toya's Treats
2001 SGA- Student President VA Union Univ. Richmond, VA
2001 FBLA Vice President VA Union Univ. Richmond, VA
2001-Cheerleader VA Union Univ Richmond, VA
Area- 4 School
2004 Accepted into the Master of Fine Arts Program University of VA full scholarship.
2003-Graduate of Virginia Union University-Richmond, VA
2002-Won $12,000 Creative arts Fellowship.
1999-Graduate of John Henry High School 3rd in class of 300.
2002-2003-Maintained 4.0 GPA at Virginia Union University. Richmond, VA

Regional Titles

Atlantic Coast
Atlantic States
Eastern U.S.
East Coast
North Coast
North Atlantic
North Pacific
Northern US
North Central
Pacific Coast
Pacific Northwest
Pacific US
Southern US
South Central
West Coast

U.S., U.S.A., America, American USof A etc are not options for a regional title.

* All Regional Title MUST be approved by the National office. Delegates may also represent state nicknames.

* We reserve the right to decline any regional title for any reason*

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