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Miss African-American United (TM)
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Delegate Info

Media Press Letter
(this letter may be send to any media outlet or organization announcing your MAAU title.
 Please edit as needed.)

YOUR NAME HERE of CITY, STATE has been selected YOUR TITLE HERE Miss African-American United™ 2005.


YOUR NAME HERE plans on spending her year as YOUR TITLE HERE by: 

You will want to briefly talk about your platform issues and interest and how you will be involved in the community.


The Miss African-American United™ (MAAU) system is proud to have YOUR NAME HERE as a delegate in our organization this year.  All MAAU delegates are judged in two (2) equally scored areas of competition.  Platform and interview.  The Miss African-American United™ system also offers optional fun side awards such as Career, Academic, Community Service, and Math, Science, and Technology lifetime achievement awards.


The MAAU ™ system prides itself on selecting African-American females age 13 and up who are empowered leaders in their respective communities from all walks of life.


You can learn more about the MAAU™ system by visiting the national website at


OPTIONAL You may also learn more about (YOUR NAME HERE), YOUR TITLE HERE and her personal website at SITE ADDRESS HERE.


 For any additional questions please feel free to contact the Miss African-American United™ staff.


Thank you for your interest in the Miss African-American System.


Warm Regards,


Sophia Minor

Miss African-American United(TM)

Founder/National Director

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