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Miss African-American United (TM)
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Pennsylvania Prelim

African-American United(TM)
Taking applications March1, 2005 (payment)
Notice: In the event the winner of the drawing MAAU(TM) will offer that delegate the option to choose to represent the state she lives in or  she may pick a regional title.

 ex. Miss East Coast African-American United

if this state is wins the drawing No state prelim will be offered. For example is Mrs. PA wins the drawing. Titles will only be offered for Teen, Miss, Ms PA at state

Full name:
Email address:
City/County Title

Entry Fees:
$45 entry fee reserves  your city/county title. Each city/county delegate will get a local sash representing their title. (no crowns will be awarded for city/county titleholder. *Please note that it may take up to 4 weeks for your sash to arrive from the vendor, so if you wait to enter your sash may arrive after the deadline or after the state winners have been announced.
Fees may be sent via paypal to
Preparing your Entry:
Each delegate (applies to all divisions.) MUST submit the following.
Each part of your entry is worth 50 points for an overall total of 100 point. The person with the highest point score per division will be the state winner and will advance to the National Pageant.
1. Platform statement: 100 words or less about your platform and why you picked it.
2.Interview: How would you unify African-American females in your state if choosen the state representive.
Mail Your Entry To:
Miss African-American United
Attn: PA State Pageant
P.O. Box 6173
Roanoke, VA 24017
-Winner announced May 25, 2005
Prizes & Awards:
Miss/Ms/Mrs Winners:
Free Entry into MAAU (TM) National Pageant
State Sash
Crowns may be purchased for an additional fee of $35
Rules: Please see the rules form.  As the same rules apply to state delegates along with additional rules for city/county/state delegates. All delegates are required to sign a copy of the rules. (city, county, state, regional, and national.)
Each state winner agrees to make no less that 2 appearances during their year. The state delegate(s) are aware that MAAU(TM) does not cover expenses for travel/appearances/clothing
City/County delegates who do not advance as the state winners may enter the National MAAU pageant, however they must reapply as an "at-large" delegate. They must also pay the National entry fee.*All delegates are judged equally. Title selection has NO OUTCOME of Natioanl Winers.
City/County delegates who do not advance as state winners will carry the city/county title for one year from when the winners are announced after which point the title will be null and void.
State Winners may not reapply from year to year for the state that they won, however they may apply "at-large" for a regional title. They must pay the National fees. Disclaimer: If a state prelim is not held former state titleholders may apply to represent that state with approval from MAAU Staff.
Enter our Fourum & Chat! (for non- confirmed MAAU delegates.)
All Decisions are Final and NO REFUNDS will be given.

Jennifer Barbour of PA
Ms. African-American United

MAAU(TM) is an online pageant.