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Miss African-American United (TM)
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  1. Delegates must be 50% of African-American background.(one parent should be African-American)
  2. All delegates must be born female.
  3. Delegates must live be a resident of the state they represent, or be a full-time student in that state.
  4. It is understood that delegate may not for any reason contact the judges for any reason.
  5. The choices made my the judging panel are final.
  6. State delegates and National titleholders MUST NOT consume drugs or alochol while representing the Miss African-American United (TM) program.  It is understood that doing so will result is loss of your title and you will be banned from further divisions withing the Miss African -American United (TM) program.
  7. All required information in sent to the National Office prior to the deadline
  8. That the delegates will not defame or slander The National Director, other delegates, Judges of  The Miss African-American United Program (TM), or delegates of other pageants/programs while using the Miss African-American United (TM) message boards or while representing the program.  Doing so will result in removal of title.
  9. When making representing The Miss American United (TM) program delegates will speak and dress in a repectable manner.
  10. I agree that all information that I submit as a delegates is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that The Miss African-American United (TM) program at any time can require proof of information that I submit.
  11. I agree to have my name and likness used for Miss African-American United(TM) promotion information. I understand that I will be paid no additional prizes or money for this.
  12. That I will not hold The Miss African-American United(TM) program at fault for injuries that I may occur will making appearances as a titleholder.
  13. I agree NOT to consume drugs or alchol while in my crown and banner.
  14. I understand that my reign as a local/state/national titleholder is for one year unless otherwise noted.
  15. I understand that I may enter other pagent systems be they online or live.
  16. I understand that the Miss African-American United (TM) system  will not be held at fault for loss entries due to the postal system.
  17. I understand that 5 or more delegates must be entered into each divison for that division crown a winner. If that division does not have 5 or more delegates I understand that I may be placed into the next divison. I will be contacted if that is the case.
  18. I understand that Miss African-American United (TM) will not schedule appearances for me.
  19. Entries will not be returned unless the delegates sends a SASE.
  20. I understand that as the National titleholder (Miss/Ms/Mrs) I must make 5 appearances.  They may include other pageants, festivals, judging pageants, parades etc.  I understand that I must send photos to the national office for promotion within 30 days of my appearance.  I understand that I must send copies of photos where they be email or snapshot. I understand that I must be wearing at least my sash in the photo to count as an appearance. Failure to do so will result in loss of my title.
  21. National Titleholders may not run again for the same title. For example if you are the winner of Miss African-American United (TM) you may not run for that same title, however if you age into another divison you may run for that title.
  22. All divisions are based on the entry date until the National crowning.
  23. All delegate and national winners understand that if part of their prize package is a free or partial entry into another system that they will follow by the rules of that system. They understand that the Miss African-American United(TM) is not apart of that system.  The delegate will not find the Miss African-American United(TM) system liable for any  accidents, problem, or stolen property if such an event should arise. Any additional questions or problems should be addressed with that director.
  24. If it is found that a delegate, national titleholder or pending delegate is misusing the Miss African-American United(TM) message board(s) they will be stripped of their title and prizes.  Monies already paid will not be refunded. 
  25. The Miss African-American United(TM) system reserves the right to request information that the delegate supplies in full or in part on their application.
  26. Any delegate who is rude to another delegate on the Miss/Ms/Mrs African-American United(TM) message board(s) will have thier title(s) stripped and MUST return all prices to the National Office within in 5 business days.
  27. I understand that NO REFUNDS will be given for any reason.
  28. I understand that prizes may not be redeemed for cash and are non-transferable.
  29. I understand that if I give false or misleading information that may include but not limited to my application, appearances, etc, and I have my title taken that I MAY NOT ever reenter the Miss/Ms/Mrs African-American United (TM) pageant even if I "age into"/change division status.
  30. I HAVE NOT, nor am I in the process of posing nude or suggestive adult material. I understand that doing so will result in removal of my title.
  31. If the National titleholder(s) are unable to fulfill the title of Miss/Ms/Mrs African-American United(TM) then the national title will be offered to the first runner-up.
  32. I understand that all regional titles must be approved by the national director.
  33. I understand that all state/regional titles are at-large.
  34. I understand that if I apply as a married delegate that I must be married and living with my spouse during my title. Unless my spouse is stationed in another area, but I understand that I must be married.
  35. Delegate(s) who serve in the United States Miltary may enter, however they must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  36. I understand that if I apply for the visiablity award that I MUST send all information required to the national office prior to the deadline.
  37. I understand that the rules of Miss/Ms/Mrs African-American United(TM) may be updated as so deemed by the national office or director.
  38. I understand that Miss African-American United is not responsible for prizes not awarded by sponors.
  39. I will not hold Miss African Agerican United responsible for any "bad experience" that I may have as a result of any sponsor's award/prize.
  40. If a state prelim is held in the state in which I live. I understand that I must apply in that state first. If not selected as the state winner I understand that I may enter "at-large" in the National Pageant, however I understand that I must pay all "at-large" fees.
  41. Winners of state prelims may not reenter the state pageant from year to year in the same division. State winners may apply for a state title if there is not state prelim that year.
  42. State delegates will look the state director for awards, prizes, and state deadlines. (If state prelim is held.)
  43. All teen delegates under the age of 18 must return a signed copy of the the rules with a parental signture. Any teen giving false or misleading information will be stripped of thier title, and no monies will be refunded.
  44. The Miss African-American United Program is not responaible for teen delegates who enter without advising their parent/legal representive.
  45. If there are more than 25 delegates in each division a top ten will be selected based on those with the top 10 scores.  Each delegate will then be emailed/issued 1 question/interview based and one question/platform based worth 50 points each. The delegates with the top 5 scores  will be deemed runners up (1-4 )and the winner based on those scores.



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Miss/Ms/Mrs African-American United (TM)