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Miss African-American United (TM)
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National Queens:
  • National Crown and Banner.
  • Promotion on site for one year
  • $100 of Re9 Skincare system from Arbonne International(a $266.00 Value.)
  • $15 Best Buy Gift card
  • $15 Barnes and Noble Gift card


Runners-Up (for each divisions.)
1st- $20 off AAU 2007 entry.
2nd-$15 off AAU 2007 entry.
3rd-$10 off AAU 2007 entry

More prizes maybe added as sponosors are confirmed.

All Queens: Are entered into Lifetime Achievement Divisions, Essay/Interview, and Platform areas.

Winner(s )of Life Achievement Divisions:
of course you must enter by submitting the required information. Just listing the areas will not be scored by the judges.
One from each division. If there is not delegate entered into an area then no winner will be named for that area.
 (10 different areas offered)
Winner(s) of Essays/Interview:
 (Overall highest point-One overall Winner)
Winner of Platform: (Overall-highest point-One winner)
Prize:*Miss AAU Platform award plaque or certificate.
Have NO bearing of the selection of the overal winner. Just for fun!
Internet Award: (One Overall winner.)
Prize: Certificate.
*Has no bearing on the selection of the national winners*
Delegates must have a website relating to their Miss/Ms/Mrs African-American United(TM) title that is informative and updated often.
Note: You do not have to purchase a domain name to take part in this event. YAHOO!, Geocities, AOL, ETC all have free hosting sites.
Visibility Award: (One Overall Winner)Awarded to the state/regional delegate who has made the most appearances during her reign based on the following requirments.
Prize:  (to be announced later.)
  1. Delegate MUST be wearing Miss/Ms/Mrs African-American United(TM) sash or African-American United(TM) merchandise (see shop)
  2. Delegate must submit a copy of the photo from the appearance within 30 days of the event. (photos will not be returned-make double prints.)
  3. Delegates must submit a notebook of appearances to the national office detailing all appearnces made with date, location, event. You must include a SASE to have your notebook returned. other wise they will be discarded.
  4. ALL notebooks must be to the national office by 1/5/07 not postmarked. No late entries will be taken.
  5. Number of appearance has no outcome of the selection of the winner.
  6. Message boards or forums DO NOT count toward the this award.
Appearance Scoring information:
1 point-Other pageants (in any form)
3 points- Volunteer within the community/charity.(ex. March of Dimes, Diabetes, Dress for Success etc.)
Prizes are subject to change without notice and are subject to fulfillment by award sponsors.
Miss/Ms/Mrs African-American United (TM) assumes no responsibility for failure of sponsors to fulfill their commitments. 

Prizes current as of Feb1, 2006 for 2007 Winners.

Updated: Feb 1, 2006