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Miss African-American United (TM)
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Hello my name is Sophia, and I am the founder/executive director for the Miss African-American United (TM) program.
  I am the current Ms. Ethnic World-and the former Ms. United Stated Ethnic Wold, Ms. Virginia Ethnic World ,Miss North America Galaxy '04 and former Miss African-American Galaxy 2003. 
I created this pageant forAfrican-American/Black females to feel good about themselves.We are much more than the images and sterotypes so often showed. We are educators,mothers,daughters, business owners,and so much more. This pageant never judges delegates on size, or looks.  We are looking for the inner beauty in African-American/Black women. 

We're interested in hearing from you!

Do you have comments or questions on our organization? An announcement or posting for our Bulletin Board? Or would you like to become a the next Miss/Mrs African-American United (TM)? Please get in touch!

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Postal Address

Attn: Sophia Minor
Miss African-American United
PO BOX 6173
Roanoke, VA 24017