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Miss African-American United (TM)
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Entry application/forms

ALL Entries must be typed in Times Roman font  using 12 point font. a total of 5 point will removed if not followed.
You will need to copy the entry form questions in the SAME order as listed below(points will be loss is rules are not followed--1 point for each section) type your responses in the body of the email or in a word document and email it to
Section 1-Interview
Section 2- Platform/Social Cause
Section 3- Accomplishments

Scored 1-40
1 point being the lowest.
40 being the highest
Delegates will be scored on the following areas.
Communitation Skills/Understandable
(in 150 words or less)

1) What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing African-American/Black Women today? And what would you do to combat this if selected as the National titleholder?

2)If you could speak with any African-American Woman-past, present who would it be?And what would you speak about?

3)What is the one thing that you would like to known for and why? And how can this title help you with obtaining that goal?

4)Are cultural or ethnic based pageants needed in 2005? Why or why not?


Platform or Social Cause

Scored 1-50 points
1 point being the lowest
50 being the highest.
Select an issue or cause that you feel deeply about.
Let us know why it is important that others know/support this cause.
What have you done or plan to do for this cause.
Delegates will be scored on the following areas.
Communitation Skills
Knowlege of topic



(in 250 words or less)

  • What is your platform/social cause?
  • Why is it important?
  •  What have you done with or are planning to do with your platform?
  • Experince with Platform/Or Plans

Achievement (required)
Select 5 out of 10 areas of achievement.
Each area will be scored 1-10(1 being lowest- 10 being highest)
The Lifetime Achievment Resume: 1-10 points
Delegates will be scored on the following areas.
(Judges will be looking someone who presents themseleves well not the person with the highest salary or most education.)
Areas of selection:
  1. Leadership
  2. Career
  3. School/Education
  4. Community Service
  5. Math
  6. Science
  7. Technology
  8. The Arts (performing and non)
  9. Sports/Health/Fitness:
  10. Politics

STOP: Did you see the sample achievement resume? It's worth 10pt of your score.